Tenderised gives you the tools you need to more
effectively manage your tender response process

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Better Tender Management

Tenderised is designed to fit within your current workflow, but help you gain efficiencies in the Tender Management Process.

Version Controlled Library of Content

Snippets are a Version Controlled Library of your most frequently used content, speeding up your Tender Response time.

Host Tenders Online and Be Alerted When They're Viewed

Email your completed Tenders to your potential customers and be notified when they are viewed, allowing you to effectively target your follow up.

Export to Popular Formats

Tenderised supports exporting to the most common document formats so you can comply with the demands of the customer.

Integration to Market Leading CRM and Project Management Tools

Tenderised integrates with the most popular CRM solutions (SugarCRM, SalesForce and Dynamics) as well as the most popular Project Management Tools (Teamwork, Basecamp and Monday.com), integrating seamlessly with your current workflows and tools.

24/7 Support

All plans come with 24/7 email support to help you get the most from Tenderised.